August News

Welcome Back!
Posted on 07/13/2018

School starts on August 8 at 7:45am.  All students need to be in class at 7:45am, not just walking into the building. 

Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria for the first three days.  Starting the following week,  breakfast will be in the students’ classrooms.

        Allow yourself extra time for the traffic at school and to take pictures!  Talk positively about what will happen at school and be ready to listen to your child share after school.

This first day of school is the only day we will allow parents or visitors to walk their children to class. Starting Friday, our new safety procedures will be in effect.  

We encourage parents to leave the classroom right away this first day so that the teacher and children can immediately begin their community building.  We expect tears to flow freely during this time…. These are critical life moments to cherish. We will have tissue handy as we assist you in starting your day and assist your child in starting his/her new academic experience. Isn’t it exciting? Bring your cameras!

Attendance Procedures

Attendance at school is very important since it is a key to success.  Students cannot learn if they are not in school.  As per Arizona Revised Statutes [state law], teachers take attendance at 7:45am and immediately after returning from lunch recess.  Students must be in their classrooms at 7:45.  Students who come after 7:45am must report to the office and must be signed in by a parent. Tardies can lead to disciplinary actions for the student, including detention and even suspension from classes.  

Announcements begin at 7:40am. All students should be inside their classrooms no later than 7:40am on school days.  Breakfast is served 7:20-7:35am in the classrooms every day. Classes begin at 7:45am. Students arriving after this time or departing before 2:24 p.m. will be given a tardy slip. Even one tardy will result in students not being awarded a perfect attendance certificate. 

We will continue with the school’s uniform policy. All students should be wearing the uniform on the first day of school. 

Uniform Code

Our main concern at school is to provide a safe and orderly learning environment for all students.

As per NUSD Governing Board Policy #J-2362, JICA-RA, students who attend AJ Mitchell must wear a uniform.


  • Solid red, solid white [no stripes]
  • Short or long sleeved shirt, with or without collar. 
  • No spaghetti straps, halter tops, muscle shirts or tank tops.
  • No DESIGNS/PICTURES/LOGOS other than the AJM logo


  • Khaki, jeans or navy blue, in solid colors not plaid
  • Pants, shorts, skirts, and skorts, no shorter than finger-tip length


Acceptable shoes must be worn that are a secure type for safety and comfort.  Shoes with wheels are not allowed.  Sandals should not be worn, because students have recess every day.  


Please ensure that you fill out the Transportation form to show us how your child will come to school and go home, along with who is authorized to pick up your child.  We know everyone will cooperate with our efforts to ensure student safety. 


All students who arrive before 7:20am will report to the cafeteria. 

Students who walk to schoolStudents will enter school and walk directly to the cafeteria. 

Students who ride the bus:  Our school personnel will be at the bus area to welcome students to school each morning.  Students walk to the cafeteria.

Students who are brought to school:  Parents will drop students off in the parking lot by the cafeteria. 

Students must walk on the sidewalk and go directly inside the cafeteria. Parents may walk students to the door of the building, if you arrive after 7:20am. We will not give visitor’s passes to walk students to class or wait in the cafeteria with the students. 

If you prefer to park, you can park in a designated parking space and escort your child over to the cafeteria [before 7:20am] or building door [after 7:20am].   Do not drop your child off in the parking lot to cross to the sidewalk alone—this is a safety hazard.

If you need to see a teacher in the morning, you will need to report to the front office to sign in and wait for the teacher to arrive [teachers arrive at 7:20am unless you make an earlier appointment with the teacher]. 


We will not release students between 2:30 and 2:45.

Students who walk home:  Students will be escorted to the crosswalk area by school personnel.  Students must follow the directions of the crossing guards and walk directly home.  Our Nogales Police Department wants you to remember that Baldwin Street and Poston Drive are not parking lots.  Please avoid breaking traffic laws by parking there to wait for your child to cross the street. 

Students who ride the bus:  Students are eligible to ride the bus to their home addresses only.  Students are not allowed to change buses without consent from the principal.  Students under open enrollment are not eligible to ride the bus. Once students are in the bus area, they must stay there.  When the teacher on duty calls the students, each student will board the bus in a quiet, respectful manner. Students will board the bus and sit by grade level, starting with the youngest students at the front of the bus.  Students must stay seated on the bus at all times and follow the bus driver’s directions.

Students who are picked up:   Parents will drive into the parking lot by the cafeteria to pick up their children.  Parents will stay in their cars and show the identification card to authorize staff to release the students.  The designated teacher for each grade will supervise students in front of the building while they wait to be picked up and as they get into their cars.  For everyone’s safety, we ask parents to ensure anyone who picks up their child follows safe driving at all times. Any student who is not picked up by 3:00pm will be taken to the front office to be signed out. 

We realize that this is a lot of information all at once. Please know that everything here is available in your child(rens) student handbook and will be there for you to read at any time.

We will have more ideas available at the “Meet the Teacher” event on Tuesday, August 7th.